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About Us

What is Autism Bridges Maui?

Autism Bridges Maui is a non-profit originally started among parents of children with autism nearly 15 years ago. The founders started a support group meeting informally at homes and parks in order to share stories and provide support to each other. From this tiny support group grew a need to provide more services and awareness to the larger community of Maui, and the non-profit, Autism Bridges Maui was born.

We are committed to bringing together the expertise and experiences of family members, professionals, and individuals on the spectrum. We can learn from each other how to advocate effectively for those on the spectrum. We can share experiences, supports, and services that have helped improve the lives of our loved ones with special needs. We hope to accomplish our goals to empower family members, individuals on the spectrum, and professionals to make informed decisions. Together we are not alone.


Our Mission

Autism Bridges Maui is a child and family centered, grass-roots organization that supports a wide array of services that develop the full potential and improve the quality of life for individuals with autism, pervasive developmental disorders, and neurological developmental disorders through their life span.

Our Current Goals

Our current goals center around helping families find support, educate themselves on their children with autism, and finding ways to heal and move forward. Through fundraising and awareness and educational events, we hope to promote these values our members as well as the community. We invite all members of the community to join our group as we…






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